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JesMyrick Photography bio picture

Photojournalist of Memories

Jes with one S. 

  I'm an Orem, Utah based photographer.  I've been shooting Weddings, Families, Seniors, Maternity, and Events professionally for 9 years.  I'm the wife of a fantastic man, and the mother of 4 crazy cute, crazy kids. 

As a photographer I love to capture memories and to do that, I get involved.  I'm not a fly on the wall photographer, I want to know who I'm shooting and what is important to them, so I interact and get to know who you are.   I like to make everyone as comfortable as possible, I want your pictures to be the best they can and strive to capture memories.

Claire is getting Baptized

Little Claire is the bundle of joy living across the street.  I’m so glad to be able to photograph her before this special day!  I’m slightly in love with this location right now.  Who’s next?ClaireBapt-001 ClaireBapt-015 ClaireBapt-020 ClaireBapt-032 ClaireBapt-043 ClaireBapt-123 ClaireBapt-051 ClaireBapt-074 ClaireBapt-103 ClaireBapt-112 ClaireBapt-115

Anna and Stella – Baptism Portraits

These two beautiful girls were such a delight to photograph.  Cousins are the best!

A&S-Baptism-016 A&S-Baptism-028 A&S-Baptism-039 A&S-Baptism-067 A&S-Baptism-086 A&S-Baptism-097 A&S-Baptism-117 A&S-Baptism-141 A&S-Baptism-143 A&S-Baptism-148 A&S-Baptism-160 A&S-Baptism-170 A&S-Baptism-188 A&S-Baptism-208 A&S-Baptism-213 A&S-Baptism-216 A&S-Baptism-228 A&S-Baptism-244 A&S-Baptism-268


IMG_2356 IMG_2369 IMG_2388 IMG_2391 IMG_2396 IMG_2422 IMG_2425 IMG_2489

Melanie and Carlos – Wedding Day

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Corbin and Talin turn 8

IMG_6622 IMG_6637 IMG_6633 IMG_6689 IMG_6672 IMG_6680 IMG_6723 IMG_6741 IMG_6757 IMG_6811

Evans Family +1


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Kimmeny Twins

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Katherine Seniors

IMG_3264 IMG_3252 IMG_3242 IMG_3283 IMG_3290 IMG_3311 IMG_3332 IMG_3359 IMG_3384 IMG_3417 IMG_3421 IMG_3427 IMG_3442 IMG_3452 IMG_3490 IMG_3497 bIMG_3299 bIMG_3349 bIMG_3268Katherine Seniors

Happy Bday Kristin

IMG_2833c IMG_2966 IMG_2847 IMG_2890 IMG_2934 IMG_2975 IMG_3032 IMG_3043 IMG_3116 IMG_3134 IMG_3189