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JesMyrick Photography bio picture

Photojournalist of Memories

Jes with one S. 

  I'm an Orem, Utah based photographer.  I've been shooting Weddings, Families, Seniors, Maternity, and Events professionally for 9 years.  I'm the wife of a fantastic man, and the mother of 4 crazy cute, crazy kids. 

As a photographer I love to capture memories and to do that, I get involved.  I'm not a fly on the wall photographer, I want to know who I'm shooting and what is important to them, so I interact and get to know who you are.   I like to make everyone as comfortable as possible, I want your pictures to be the best they can and strive to capture memories.

Luques of Fun

IMG_2509 IMG_2559 IMG_2567 IMG_2579 IMG_2605 IMG_2638 IMG_2677 IMG_2692 IMG_2710 IMG_2773 IMG_2743 bIMG_2543

Holdaway Family

Hee Hee – I LOVE these!  Can’t get enough of them.  I love Fall!  Big THANK YOU to all the families I got to shoot this fall.  I wish the colors would stay and this season would never end.  blog 01 blog 02 blog 03 blog 04 blog 05 blog 06 blog 07 blog 08 blog 09 blog 10 blog 11 blog 12 blog 13 blog 14 blog 15 blog 16 blog 17 blog 18 blog 19 blog 20 blog 21

Loveless Funeral


IMG_1066IMG_1129 IMG_1094 IMG_1118  IMG_1147 IMG_1159 IMG_1175 IMG_1191 IMG_1208 IMG_1227 IMG_1254 IMG_1257 IMG_1260 IMG_1280 IMG_1314 IMG_1316 IMG_1349 IMG_1389 IMG_1398 IMG_1421 IMG_1426 IMG_1443 IMG_1490 IMG_1512 IMG_1517 IMG_1544 IMG_1547 IMG_1596 IMG_1647 IMG_1657

Tanner Family 6+1

tanner001 tanner002 tanner003 tanner004 tanner005 tanner006 tanner007 tanner008 tanner009 tanner010 tanner011 tanner012 tanner013 tanner014 tanner015 tanner016 tanner017 tanner018 tanner019

Mapp Family

IMG_0720 IMG_0732 IMG_0760 IMG_0780 IMG_0794 IMG_0822 IMG_0827 IMG_0845 IMG_0859 IMG_0930 IMG_0943 IMG_0952 IMG_0973 IMG_1049

Baby Hazel


IMG_9868IMG_9916  IMG_9898 IMG_9978 bIMG_9832 bIMG_0067 IMG_0044 bIMG_0072 bIMG_0020

Brown Family

IMG_0208 IMG_0199 IMG_0250 IMG_0276 IMG_0330 IMG_0391 IMG_0285 IMG_0393 bIMG_0282 IMG_0410 IMG_0306c bIMG_0297



Spent a fun filled evening with the students from Mountain View high school Photo class.  We did this learning shoot of the very good looking couple you see here.  Not engaged just fabulously fun to photograph.  Thanks Jeslynn Perry for the fun night.IMG_9446 IMG_9463 bIMG_9547 bIMG_9531 IMG_9476 bIMG_9569 IMG_9578 IMG_9613 IMG_9664 IMG_9702 IMG_9726 IMG_9747

Melanie and Carlos Engagements

IMG_7463 IMG_7498 IMG_7551 IMG_7622 IMG_7668 aIMG_7695 IMG_7709 IMG_7741 IMG_7796 IMG_7817 IMG_7857 IMG_7887 IMG_7907 IMG_7961 IMG_8002 IMG_8017 IMG_8034 IMG_8072 IMG_8122 bIMG_8132 bIMG_8157

Ashton Family

Ashton 006 Ashton 017 Ashton 015 Ashton 043 Ashton 064 Ashton 085 Ashton 092 Ashton 101 Ashton 116 Ashton 126 Ashton 139 Ashton 157 Ashton 181 Ashton 213 Ashton 244